JNNYGRETTVE DESIGN STUDIO is a creative hub run by fashion designer, architect and musician  Jenny Grettve. The company often collaborates with other artists to explore and communicate over boarders. The main focus is the fashion collection released twice a year.

Jenny Grettve is a Swedish fashion designer who started off studying furniture design in Italy, which was followed by a master in architecture from Sweden and Australia. Since a very young age Jenny has also practiced music with a focus on classical piano. She studied piano at University for one year but then moved on to electronic music and composition and often collaborates with dj’s and other producers.


With that broad background Jenny is open to any challenge that might come along and there has for sure been loads of them. Jenny won an architecture competition and her work was shown during Oslo Architecture Triennale 2007.


In 2010 she launched her own brand and became a finalist in Sweden’s Show Up Fashion Award competition the same year. The year after she became Designer of the Month at the Form Design Center in Malmoe. 2012 she staged one of Stockholm’s first guerrilla shows out in the streets. She has exhibited at New York Fashion Week and was selected to show F/W 2012 at Vancouver Fashion Week as one of its most exciting new designers. Jenny has also collaborated with House Music With Love, Sweden’s second largest music blog, for whom she designed a shirt range.


- Life scares me, so does death. Early in life I decided to take care of my time, try everything I wanted to try and never postpone anything. Some people may say that I rush through life not enjoying ”the moment”. Oh boy, how wrong could they be! I get so romantic about life that I find salvation in my own atheist way.

So how did I end up in fashion? I wanted to become a pianist, completed a university level course but realized I had to experience even more. I ended up with a master in architecture but sill had not found what I was looking for. I threw myself into fashion and landed softly on a pink little cloud. The tempo is fast, there are no limits, I can use all my experience and I feel at home.

When you buy one of my pieces, keep in mind that you buy a little piece of my brain and a huge part of my heart. I really hope you will enjoy it!

Xx  Jenny